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Sunday 17th September 2017
September 17, 2017 11:02 AM PDT

01. Sampha - What shouldn’t I be | Young Turks
02. Lone - Under cherry blossoms | R&S
03. Goldie - Inner City Life (2017 rebuild) | Metalhead
04. II Bosco - We appologise for the long delays | CDR
05. Jagwar Ma - Give me a reason (Andrew Weatherall meets Jonnie Two Heaters Uptown Part 1) | Marathon Artists
06. Zu Dobson - Apple knife | Bird Scarer
07. Unknown - Unknown | Unknown
08. Selvagem - Tudo bem | Universal Cave
09. Eboni Band - Desire (Red Greg re-edit) | Moton Records Inc.
10. Soft Rocks - Spank | Black Disco
11. Syreeta - Keep him like he is | Motown
12. Maurice Moore and Family Affair Band - Everything that shines ain’t gold (Floating Points re-edit) | Melodies International
13. 13. Y. Gershovsky - Disco Baby (Floating Points & Red Greg Edit) | Melodies International
14. Mind Fair - Steppin’ out | Rogue Cat Sounds
15. Lordamercy & Dego - Green woods | 2000 Black
16. Steve Monite - Only you (Frankie Francis disco jam mix) | Soundway
17. Aroop Roy - Flecha de fogo | Gamm
18. Prins Thomas - Edmond (Part 1 & 2) | Full Pupp
19. Julion De Angelo & Thomas Xu - Chase the summer | Sound Signature
20. Waajeed - Winston’s midnight disco | Dirt Tech Reck
21. Man Power - Tropical Bastard (Part 1) | NAAR

A Brazilian Love Affair Volume 3
September 03, 2017 08:39 AM PDT
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This was only supposed to be a one off show a few years ago to celebrate the Olympic games but has now turned into a bit of an annual celebration of all things 'Brazil' so here we go, deep into Volume 3 of my Brazilian Love Affair series. Taking in original productions, reworks, re-edits, influences and inspirations from across the decades we hop, skip and jump across the tempos for two hours of wonderful music that either originates from Brazil or at the very least, is heavily influenced by that wonderful South American country.




01. Ely Carmago - Taieiras | Mr Bongo
02. Cesar Mariano & Cia - Metropole | Galaxy Sounds
03. Flora Purim - Open your eyes | Milestone
04. Tribo Massáhi - Pae João | Goma Gringa Discos
05. Tribo Massáhi - Menina da janela | Goma Gringa Discos
06. Joyce - Feminina (Extended version) | EmArcy Records
07. Marcos Valle - Estrella
08. Sonzeira - Aqurarela do brasil (Mark E remix) | CDR
09. Sergio Mendes - Viramundo (Danny Krivit re-edit) | Mr K Edits
10. Azymuth - Dear limmertz | Far Out
11. Gal Costa - Relance | Phillps
12. A Bossa Electrica - Núcleo Urbano | Connective
13. Viktor Davies - Sound of the samba | JCR
14. Bugz - Braziliance | X:treme
15. Marcos Valle - Besteiras de amor (Jazzanova remix) | Far Out
16. Ray Mang - Batidas da paixao | Barefoot Beats
17. Ray Mang - CC Amor | Barefoot Beats
18. Azymuth - May I have this dance (Aroop Roy remix) | CDR
19. Viper Squad - Brazileiros E ingleses | Far Out
20. Tamba Trio - O Barquinho | EmArcy Records
21. Airto - Toque de Cuica (Souse edit) | Souse
22. Michael Petrucciani - Brazilian suite | Ocho
23. The Big Bossa - One day | Viktor Records
24. Trüby Trio - Carajillo (Jazzanova remix) | Compost
25. Ed Motta - Já!!! (Mighty Zaf edit) | Kalakuta Soul Records

Sunday 23rd July 2017
July 23, 2017 11:04 AM PDT

01. Mithra Quartet - Magpie | Diversions
02. Unforscene - Lou cousineau | Sonar Kollektiv
03. Zu Dobson - Wisdom of rumi | Bird Scarer
04. Young Marco - Unknown | Camel
05. Nash the Slash - Wolf | Unknown
06. Tame Impala - It’s not meant to be | Modular
07. Magic number | CDR
08. Leroy Hutson - Get to this (you’ll get to me) (Alex Attias re-edit) | Lilly Good Party 12”
09. Raw Soul Express - I’d like to take a shot | Athens Of The North LP
10. Mindfair - Stepping out (Mark E dub) | Rogue Cat Sounds
11. Andersontongueaak - Am I wrong (Makei remix) | CDR
12. The Kongos - Anikano-O | Salsoul
13. Bembe Segue - Amazing | Main Squeeze
14. Maurice Fulton - Revenge of the orange | CDR
15. Nu Era - Heartstrings | Omniverse
16. Los Charly’s Orchestra feat. Omar - It’s so | Imagenes Recordings
17. Byron The Aquarius - Feel like making love | Future Reactions
18. Majid Bekkas - Soudani manayou (Cervo edit) | Banana Hill 12”
19. Lovedrop - The buzz | Disco Deviance
20. Curtis - How can I tell her | Z Records LP
21. Chaka Khan - Some love (Scrimshire rework) | Wah Dubplate 12”

Sunday 25th June 2017
June 25, 2017 11:41 AM PDT

01. Unknown - The growler (Woolfy edit) | Mindless Boogie
02. Bibio - Turn it all down | Warp
03. The Crusaders - Streetlife (Mr K breakdown edit) | Most Excellent
04. Gemin - Let’s move | Pressed For Time
05. Klaps - All the way you move | Omaggio
06. Roy Meriwether - Nubian lady (Mr K Edit) | Most Excellent
07. Sunlight Square - Hearts desire | Sunlight Square
08. Sonya Spence - Let love flow (Hober Mallow edit) | CDR
09. Joe Simon - Love vibration | Spring Records
10. Roy Ayers Ubiquity - If you wanna see the sunshine (Leo Zero edit) | CDR
11. Roberta Roena - Saona | Fania
12. La Funk Mob - Motorbass get funked up | Mo Wax
13. Byron The Aquarius - Where is the the love (Reprise) | Future Reactions
14. Cyclonix - You’d better not | Phutureshock Musik
15. The Abstract Eye - The unseen | Rush Hour
16. Stephen Encinas - Disco illusion | Invisible City Editions
17. Psychemagik - Gotta be a man | Unknown
18. Azymuth - Fenix (Ron Trent remix) | Far Out
19. Jamie 3:26 - Blessin’ | Gam

House Up My Strada Volume 9
April 01, 2017 08:13 AM PDT
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It's landed, just in time for the new series of Masterchef - my yearly housed up mixtape that no one asked for. Clocking in at only 70 odd minutes it's cooked up short and sweet this year, ideal for those with a slight dose of the old ADHD

The old rubs shoulders with the new as this years mix takes in tracks from producers as far a field as the Ukraine, USA, UK, Australia and Germany so there's plenty to get your teeth into. Fits nicely onto a CD for the old school burners or equally one and a bit sides of a vintage C90 for those that wanna get all hipster with their walkmans

Enjoy my lovelies!



01. Vakula - Track one [Speed of Sound]
02. Mr Beatnick - Dawn vapours [Tief]
03. Ron Basejam - We walk to war (Tee Mango remix) [Delusions of Grandeur]
04. Francois Kevorkian - Hypnodelic [Open]
05. Wood, Brass & Steel - Funkanova (Kon rework] [Star Time]
06. Harvey Sutherland - Priestess [Clarify Recordings]
07. Alphonse - Smokey [Emotional Especial]
08. Niko Marks - Chune [Planet E]
09. Onionz & Master D - Infatuation [Imperial Dub]
10. The Believers - Who dares to believe in me [Strictly Rhythm]
11. Red Rack’em - Kos mich [Bergerac]

A Ray Mang Tribute Show
February 05, 2017 08:46 AM PST
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The sounds of Ray Mang (or Raj Gupta as he's known to his mates) have featured quite heavily on the Noodle Hotpot show playlists over the years. Whether it be his solo work via his own Mangled label, his sterling remix output for others or in the form of his collaborative efforts such as Block 16 or wayward disco adventures with those pesky Idjut Boys, his records have always found their way onto my turntables.

With his imminent visit to our Soul Buggin’ party on Saturday 4th March at The Lofthouse here in Nottingham I thought what better time to go digging in the racks and pull out some of my favourite Ray Mang productions, remixes and edits. There was loads more I wanted to squeeze in but unfortunately we ran out of time but I hope you like what made it in as it was a lot of fun to put together (bar the odd traincrash mix!)

Tickets for our Soul Buggin’ party can be found here: www.tinyurl.com/soulbuggin2017

++ Tracklist ++

01. Block 16 feat Jhelisa - Find an oasis (String reprise) [Nuphonic]
02. Mudd & Chico Hamilton - Kerry’s caravan (Ray Mang’s slow mix) [Rong Music]
03. Paqua - The visitor (Ray Mang remix) [Claremont 56]
04. Rune Lindbaek feat. Kurt Maloo - Wonder (Ray Mang remix) [Drum Island]
05. Ray Mang - Look into her eyes [DFA]
06. Soft Rocks - Mirador de la estrelas (Ray Mang remix) [ESP Institute]
07. Ray Mang - Viva Las Vegas [Disco Deviance]
08. Blo - Get that groove in (Ray Mang re-edit) [Strut]
09. Ray Mang vs. Mondo - Get on down [Mangled]
10. Ray Mang & Nathan D’troit - Off side [Mangled]
11. Ray Mang - Running on moonshine [Mangled]
12. Ray Mang - Tel’s bells
13. Ray Mang - CC Amor [Barefoot Beats]
14. Idjut Boys & Laj - Karmakazi [U-Star]
15. Fleetwood mac - World turning (Ray Mang edit) [CDR]
16. Vendetta Suite - Love's Disguise (Ray Mang Remix) [Above Machine]
17. Ray Mang - Lock and Pop [Disco Deviance]
18. Ray Mang vs. Mondo Disco - Be good [Mangled]
19. Los Amigos Invisibles & Dimitri From Paris - Glad To Know You (Ray Mang's Flying Dub) [Gomma]
20. Block 16 - Elektrokution [Nuphonic]
21. Mari - Free (Ray Mang extended version)
22. Ray Mang - Number one [Noid]
23. Quakerman & Laj - Bonus Valarie [Fiasco]

Return To The Planet Blob - Volume 8
January 22, 2017 08:04 AM PST
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Fire up the rockets! We’ve got to go back to Planet Blob, I forgot my phone charger.

Now in it’s 8th year, my spacey mixtape series returns with yet more sonic nonsense that quite frankly even I don’t know what on earth it’s about anymore. The strange planet Blob tapes offer up the opportunity to delve deep into the sci-fi sounds and cosmic weirdness that lurk in my record collection with Volume 8 being no different. So strap in and turn it up

I hope you enjoy



01. Forss - Journey man [Sonar Kollektiv]
02. I:Cube - Ijaz bazar [Versatile]
03. Kelly Lee Owens - Arthur [White Label]
04. P’Taah - Compressed light (Black Science borg remix) [Ubiquity]
05. Vakula - Muspel [Leleka]
06. Bullion - My lar [Deek]
07. Alphonse - Smokey (The Pilot Wings future sound of Lyon remix) [Emotion Especial]
08. Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve - Diagram girl (Re-animation) [Phantasy]
09. Amé - Excelsor [Sonar Kollektiv]
10. Mr Beatnick - Achilles heel [Mythstery]
11. The Clash feat. Futura 2000 - The Escapades of Futura 2000 [Disc International]
12. Kaidi Tatham - Not a thinking of links [Freedom School]
13. Andrew Weatherall - Thirteenth night (Timothy J. Fairplay remix) [Rotters Golf Club]
14. Daniele Baldelli & Marco Diongi - Imago [Opilec Music]
15. Arthur Oskan - Cityspeak [Throne of Blood]
16. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - The duke arrives: the barricade - the president at the train (12” edit) [Strut]

The Weegee & Beane Underwater Scuba Trip Volume 10
September 15, 2016 10:13 AM PDT
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Gawd blimey have we really reached TEN years!? It's quite hard to fathom that it was way back in 2006 I started my longest running stand alone yearly mixtape-style series called 'The Weegee & Beane Trips'. With one mix every year they've provided the strange imaginary soundtrack to my even stranger imaginary Italian adventures with my old friend Weegee. Over the course of last decade we've been on the road, in the air (via a hot air balloon and then a plane), on the sea in a little boat, got stranded on a desert island, found ourselves lost in a jungle and just about everywhere else in-between. For volume 10 we're going underwater in a mini scuba 2 man sub to the bottom of the ocean, nicked off Weegee's mate Carlos 'The Anchovy'

What is all this nonsense you're probably thinking? Well it's already been well documented so I'll leave the full backstory aside here but what you do have before you is a lil' 1 hour 15 minute mix that in my deluded head slides perfectly along with sunrises and sunsets. Some may like it, many will no doubt loathe it but truth be told I've never really done mixes to please others and this is not for the dancefloor. If you've gone against the grain and enjoyed the 'W&B' series these past few years then hopefully volume 10 will tickle you in all the right places. Here's to the next decade…

…close the hatch Weegee… we're going under old boy


01. The Idjut Boys feat. Sally Rogers - Shine [Smalltown Supersound]
02. Jagwar Ma - The throw (Dreem's sound of the universe remix Pt1) [Marathon Artists]
03. Floating Points - Wires [Eglo]
04. Greg Foat Group - Girl and robot with flowers (Pt V) [Jazzman]
05. Africanz On Marz - Droned [Modern Artifacts]
06. Fourtet - Evening [Text]
07. Melanie De Biasio - Sweet darling pain (Chassol remix) [PIAS]
08. Vangelis - Memories of green [Atlantic]
09. Jimi Tenor - Outta space [Warp]
10. The Right Ons - I do what I want [Emperor Machine remix) [Love Monk]
11. Clandestino - Beyond the sun [Is It Balearic?]
12. Badbadnotgood - In your eyes [Innovative Leisure]