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Sunday 11th June 2017
June 11, 2017 11:25 PM PDT

01. Lars Batrkuhn - Massai (Part 1) | Utopia
02. Gill Scott Heron - Angel dust (The Reflex revision) | CDR
03. Unknown - Samba noruega | Same Speed
04. Jung Sung Jo - Alley (Jongo edit) | Kat 45
05. Joan Bibiloni - Migas | Music from Memory
06. DJ Nature - What it isn’t | Future Boogie
07. Build An Ark - You gotta have freedom (J Rocc remix) | Plug
08. Michael Gregory Jackson - Risin’ up (Alex Attias edit) | Lilly Good Party
09. Sparkle - Let yourself go | Z Records
10. Dokta Venom - I owe you something | Far Out
11. Azymuth - May I have this dance (Aroop Roy remix) | Far Out
12. Ivan Conti - Mamao’s brake (IG Culture remix) | Far Out
13. Photek - T’Raenon (Version) | ART
14. Jorge Caiado - Moving forward | Groovement
15. Amor - Paradise | Night School
16. Karizma - Work it out | Lumberjacks in Hell
17. Tensnake - Freundchen (Red Rack’em remix) | True Romance
18. Josh Milan - Fort greene’s theme | CDR
19. Mr Beatnick - Parrallax scroll | Don’t Be Afraid

Beane's Noodle Hotpot Sunday 30th April 2017
May 02, 2017 08:28 AM PDT

01. Joan Bibiloni - Sa fossa [Music from Memory]
02. Paul McCartney - Secret friend [Parlaphone]
03. Gatto Fritto - Bursting the bubble [Electric Minds]
04. Jimmy Bo Horne - You got me hot (Edit) [Boogiefuturo 12”]
05. The 5th Dimension - Feelin’ alright [Bell]
06. Riton - Communicated [Grand Central]
07. Quintessence - Ballad in 6/8 [Whatmusic]
08. John Beltran feat. Sol Set - Aztec girl [Earth]
09. Begin - Cut the paste [Begin]
10. Tall Black Guy feat. Moonchild - I will never know [First Word]
11. Elbertina ‘Twinkie’ Clark - Power [AOTN]
12. Three Pieces - Easy dealin’ [Mukatsuku]
13. Benis Cletin - Jungle magic (Sofrito edit) [Sofrito]
14. Red Rack’em feat. City Hayes - Hot weekend [Bergerac]
15. Flytronix - Heavy traffic [Solaria]
16. The Pretenders - Just be yourself (Kon remix) [AOTN]
17. The Black Madonna - Venues requiem [Nite Owl Diner]
18. Location 141 - Silk [Rogue Cat Sounds]
19. Jonny Rock - The likely pink [Bahnsteig]
20. Michael McDonald - Sweet freedom (Freedom mix) [MCA]

100% New Sh*t Special 2017 Edition Part 1
April 17, 2017 06:41 AM PDT

01. Shed - Extreme sat [Monkeytown]
02. Begin - Aight [Begin]
03. Vakula - Track 3 [Speed of Sound]
04. Ron Basejam - We walk to war [Delusions of Grandeur]
05. Janice McClain - Giving my love [Unlimited Love]
06. Joan Bibiloni - The Boogie (Ray Mang edit) [CDR]
07. Ralph Macdonald - jam On The Groove (Danny Krivit edit) [TK Disco]
08. Rio Kawasaki - El toro [Nu Northern Soul]
09. Earth Wind and Fire - Brazilian rhyme (Extended version) [AOTN]
10. Alkalino - Debussy [Alkalino reworks]
11. Eddie C - Salve a bahia [Barefoot Beats]
12. Mr Beatnik - Church street blues [Tief]
13. Space Dimension Controller - Exostack [R&S]
14. Shed - Outgoing society [Monkeytown]
15. Todd Terje - Jungelknugen (Fourtet remix) [Olsen]
16. Wood, Brass & Steel - Funkavova (Kon rework) [Star Time]
17. Marcel Vogel - I got jesus [Lumberjacks In Hell]
18. Detroit 84 - Strandtuch (Ashley Beedle remix) [CDR]
19. Kenix feat. Bobby Youngblood - There’s never been no one like you (Medlar edit) [West End]
20. Recloose feat Mara TK - Spirit knows [Aus Music]

House Up My Strada Volume 9
April 01, 2017 08:13 AM PDT
itunes pic

It's landed, just in time for the new series of Masterchef - my yearly housed up mixtape that no one asked for. Clocking in at only 70 odd minutes it's cooked up short and sweet this year, ideal for those with a slight dose of the old ADHD

The old rubs shoulders with the new as this years mix takes in tracks from producers as far a field as the Ukraine, USA, UK, Australia and Germany so there's plenty to get your teeth into. Fits nicely onto a CD for the old school burners or equally one and a bit sides of a vintage C90 for those that wanna get all hipster with their walkmans

Enjoy my lovelies!



01. Vakula - Track one [Speed of Sound]
02. Mr Beatnick - Dawn vapours [Tief]
03. Ron Basejam - We walk to war (Tee Mango remix) [Delusions of Grandeur]
04. Francois Kevorkian - Hypnodelic [Open]
05. Wood, Brass & Steel - Funkanova (Kon rework] [Star Time]
06. Harvey Sutherland - Priestess [Clarify Recordings]
07. Alphonse - Smokey [Emotional Especial]
08. Niko Marks - Chune [Planet E]
09. Onionz & Master D - Infatuation [Imperial Dub]
10. The Believers - Who dares to believe in me [Strictly Rhythm]
11. Red Rack’em - Kos mich [Bergerac]

A Ray Mang Tribute Show
February 05, 2017 08:46 AM PST
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The sounds of Ray Mang (or Raj Gupta as he's known to his mates) have featured quite heavily on the Noodle Hotpot show playlists over the years. Whether it be his solo work via his own Mangled label, his sterling remix output for others or in the form of his collaborative efforts such as Block 16 or wayward disco adventures with those pesky Idjut Boys, his records have always found their way onto my turntables.

With his imminent visit to our Soul Buggin’ party on Saturday 4th March at The Lofthouse here in Nottingham I thought what better time to go digging in the racks and pull out some of my favourite Ray Mang productions, remixes and edits. There was loads more I wanted to squeeze in but unfortunately we ran out of time but I hope you like what made it in as it was a lot of fun to put together (bar the odd traincrash mix!)

Tickets for our Soul Buggin’ party can be found here: www.tinyurl.com/soulbuggin2017

++ Tracklist ++

01. Block 16 feat Jhelisa - Find an oasis (String reprise) [Nuphonic]
02. Mudd & Chico Hamilton - Kerry’s caravan (Ray Mang’s slow mix) [Rong Music]
03. Paqua - The visitor (Ray Mang remix) [Claremont 56]
04. Rune Lindbaek feat. Kurt Maloo - Wonder (Ray Mang remix) [Drum Island]
05. Ray Mang - Look into her eyes [DFA]
06. Soft Rocks - Mirador de la estrelas (Ray Mang remix) [ESP Institute]
07. Ray Mang - Viva Las Vegas [Disco Deviance]
08. Blo - Get that groove in (Ray Mang re-edit) [Strut]
09. Ray Mang vs. Mondo - Get on down [Mangled]
10. Ray Mang & Nathan D’troit - Off side [Mangled]
11. Ray Mang - Running on moonshine [Mangled]
12. Ray Mang - Tel’s bells
13. Ray Mang - CC Amor [Barefoot Beats]
14. Idjut Boys & Laj - Karmakazi [U-Star]
15. Fleetwood mac - World turning (Ray Mang edit) [CDR]
16. Vendetta Suite - Love's Disguise (Ray Mang Remix) [Above Machine]
17. Ray Mang - Lock and Pop [Disco Deviance]
18. Ray Mang vs. Mondo Disco - Be good [Mangled]
19. Los Amigos Invisibles & Dimitri From Paris - Glad To Know You (Ray Mang's Flying Dub) [Gomma]
20. Block 16 - Elektrokution [Nuphonic]
21. Mari - Free (Ray Mang extended version)
22. Ray Mang - Number one [Noid]
23. Quakerman & Laj - Bonus Valarie [Fiasco]

Return To The Planet Blob - Volume 8
January 22, 2017 08:04 AM PST
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Fire up the rockets! We’ve got to go back to Planet Blob, I forgot my phone charger.

Now in it’s 8th year, my spacey mixtape series returns with yet more sonic nonsense that quite frankly even I don’t know what on earth it’s about anymore. The strange planet Blob tapes offer up the opportunity to delve deep into the sci-fi sounds and cosmic weirdness that lurk in my record collection with Volume 8 being no different. So strap in and turn it up

I hope you enjoy



01. Forss - Journey man [Sonar Kollektiv]
02. I:Cube - Ijaz bazar [Versatile]
03. Kelly Lee Owens - Arthur [White Label]
04. P’Taah - Compressed light (Black Science borg remix) [Ubiquity]
05. Vakula - Muspel [Leleka]
06. Bullion - My lar [Deek]
07. Alphonse - Smokey (The Pilot Wings future sound of Lyon remix) [Emotion Especial]
08. Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve - Diagram girl (Re-animation) [Phantasy]
09. Amé - Excelsor [Sonar Kollektiv]
10. Mr Beatnick - Achilles heel [Mythstery]
11. The Clash feat. Futura 2000 - The Escapades of Futura 2000 [Disc International]
12. Kaidi Tatham - Not a thinking of links [Freedom School]
13. Andrew Weatherall - Thirteenth night (Timothy J. Fairplay remix) [Rotters Golf Club]
14. Daniele Baldelli & Marco Diongi - Imago [Opilec Music]
15. Arthur Oskan - Cityspeak [Throne of Blood]
16. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - The duke arrives: the barricade - the president at the train (12” edit) [Strut]

The Weegee & Beane Underwater Scuba Trip Volume 10
September 15, 2016 10:13 AM PDT
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Gawd blimey have we really reached TEN years!? It's quite hard to fathom that it was way back in 2006 I started my longest running stand alone yearly mixtape-style series called 'The Weegee & Beane Trips'. With one mix every year they've provided the strange imaginary soundtrack to my even stranger imaginary Italian adventures with my old friend Weegee. Over the course of last decade we've been on the road, in the air (via a hot air balloon and then a plane), on the sea in a little boat, got stranded on a desert island, found ourselves lost in a jungle and just about everywhere else in-between. For volume 10 we're going underwater in a mini scuba 2 man sub to the bottom of the ocean, nicked off Weegee's mate Carlos 'The Anchovy'

What is all this nonsense you're probably thinking? Well it's already been well documented so I'll leave the full backstory aside here but what you do have before you is a lil' 1 hour 15 minute mix that in my deluded head slides perfectly along with sunrises and sunsets. Some may like it, many will no doubt loathe it but truth be told I've never really done mixes to please others and this is not for the dancefloor. If you've gone against the grain and enjoyed the 'W&B' series these past few years then hopefully volume 10 will tickle you in all the right places. Here's to the next decade…

…close the hatch Weegee… we're going under old boy


01. The Idjut Boys feat. Sally Rogers - Shine [Smalltown Supersound]
02. Jagwar Ma - The throw (Dreem's sound of the universe remix Pt1) [Marathon Artists]
03. Floating Points - Wires [Eglo]
04. Greg Foat Group - Girl and robot with flowers (Pt V) [Jazzman]
05. Africanz On Marz - Droned [Modern Artifacts]
06. Fourtet - Evening [Text]
07. Melanie De Biasio - Sweet darling pain (Chassol remix) [PIAS]
08. Vangelis - Memories of green [Atlantic]
09. Jimi Tenor - Outta space [Warp]
10. The Right Ons - I do what I want [Emperor Machine remix) [Love Monk]
11. Clandestino - Beyond the sun [Is It Balearic?]
12. Badbadnotgood - In your eyes [Innovative Leisure]

A Brazilian Love Affair Volume 2
August 08, 2016 11:38 AM PDT
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With the Olympics opening in Brazil last weekend I thought what better time to follow up my World Cup show I put together a few years back with Volume 2. The first instalment I titled 'A Brazilian Love Affair' seemed to go down particularly well (it's still one of my most requested shows) so I couldn't wait to get stuck into another one. Just like the first volume, I wanted to mix things up a bit with not only the old classics that are staples for a lot of Brazilian aficionados out there but also fresh reworks, edits and remixes by contemporary producers that have given a new lick of paint to those dusty records. We also have a splattering of new productions from artists I love that have been heavily influenced from the musical vibrations emanating from those South American shores. From Sonzeira's recent reimagining of the don José Prates to Marc Mac's hook up with the legend Ed Motta to man of the moment Kaytranada - the two hours covers lots of bases.

I hope you enjoy, it was lots of fun to put together



01. Azymuth - Morning (Part 2) [Far Out 7"]
02. Quarteto Em Cy - Tudo que você podia ser [Mr Bongo 7"]
03. Tribo Massahi - Walk by jungle [Gomma Gringo LP]
04. Tribo Massahi - Fareuá [Gomma Gringo LP]
05. Aroop Roy - Brilhantina [Gamm 12"]
06. Arthur Verocai - Sylvia [Luv 'n' Haight LP]
07. Joyce - Colours of Joy [Far Out 7"]
08. Orlann Divo - Beleza não vai embora [Sonar Kollektiv LP]
09. Tenorio Jr. E Seu Conjunto - Nebulosa [Mr Bongo LP]
10. Marcos Valle - Mentira [Far Out 7"]
11. Sonzeira - Ela E Ela [Brownswood LP]
12. Sonzeira - Aves de leme [Brownswood LP]
13. Pete Dunaway (Otavio Cardosa) - Supermercado [Far Out 7"]
14. Negrocan - Angela esquina [Swing City 12"]
15. Sonzeira feat. Mose Boyd- Nós precisamos de você [Brownswood LP]
16. Yusef Rumperfield - Brazil butta groove [TBGP LP]
17. Drumagick - Thru the shadows [CDR]
18. Soulance - Segrandos do samba [First Word 7"]
19. R.E.Q - Casa forte [Compost 12"]
20. Azymuth - In my treehouse [Far Out LP]
21. Giovani - Tatarue (Scrimshire edit) [CDR]
22. Jorge Ben & Toquinho - Carolina Carol Bela [Mr Bongo 7"]
23. Zeep - Super [Far Out 7"]
24. Astrud Gilberto - Black magic (Tangoterje re-edit) [Extreme 12"]
25. Souleance - Mais um [First Word 12"]
26. Tania Maria - Yatra ta (Glimmer 12")
27. Mariana Feo - Take it easy (12")
28. Jazzinho - Yambou [Echo Chamber 12"]
29. Kaytranada - Lite spots [XL 12"]
30. Natures Plan feat. Ed Motta - Without words [Far Out 12"]